Details on New Speed Racer Comic Emerge

Speed Racer: Circle of Vengeance Due in September

In June, we reported on an upcoming Speed Racer comic featuring the work of Artist/writer Tommy Yune in his first non-Robotech related project in over a decade, Robby Musso (Transformers Spotlight), Lee Kohse, James Rochelle and Len Wein (Human Target, Swamp Thing, X-Men, Wolverine).  Now, further details on what to expect have become available. 


ICV2 reports Allegory, LLC will publish Speed Racer: Circle of Vengeance#1 in September.  

Kohse, who’s the cover artist and Creative Director, told ICV2 that the book would be faithful to the source material. “The stories we are working on are new, but we tell them around the events of the original manga by Tatsuo Yoshida and the animation based off of it,” he said. “In essence we are expanding the story while honoring the spirit of the original series.”

The license, from Speed Racer Enterprises, also includes graphic novels, games, and digital products. Allegory says it’s “a multimedia company that develops entertainment properties.”


The Japanese manga and anime title Mach Go Go Go was the original source for the English adaptation that appeared in the 60s. The original comic book was released in the 1980s by NOW Comics, but it was Tommy Yune's version that inspired the 2008 Warner Brothers film.


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