Figma Racing Hatsune Miku 2011 First Win Ver.!

Resistance is futile for her smile

As previously reported, the Hatsune Miku GoodSmile BMW RACING team won the GT300 class of Round 3 of the 2011 AUTOBACS SUPER GT at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia, on June 19. Cerebrating the first win, Good Smile Company will add a new version of Miku figma series, "Racing Hatsune Miku 2011 First Win Ver.", as a special feature of their personal sponsor courses for the racing team.



You have to purchase one of the four sponsor courses to have the Miku figma. The courses are:


  7,000 yen (US$89.02)

  10,000 yen (US$127.17)

  30,000 yen (US$381.53)

  50,000 yen (US$635.81)


More you pay, more you can get Miku featured goods, such as figure, trank bag, parka, wristband,

towel, ticket holder, strap, umbrella, and such.


50,000 yen course


Source: Mikatan blog


© Yuichi Murakami / Crypton Future Media, Inc.

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