AKB48 Idol Speaks English! (Sort of...)

Hilariously fake interview will hurt your brain

Tomomi Itano, mega-popular idol from the all-singing, all-dancing pop juggernaut known as AKB48, is interviewed in English in this bizzare short video segment featured on the DVD that accompanies her second solo single “Fuini”.


We use the words “interviewed” and “English” very loosely here, as it’s painfully obvious that Itano is reading phonetically from a script and doesn’t seem to have much of a clue to as to what she’s actually saying. But hey, it’s not her first language, she gives it her best shot, so we’re willing to cut “Tomo” some slack here.


But what’s the excuse for “Ajay”, the host of fictitious TV program, “World’s Hottest Music Hour”? 


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