"Minami-ke" Teases a "Big Project" Announcement

Another season? An OAD?

The title page for chapter 178 of Minami-ke from this week's Young Magazine had an announcement... of an announcement. The announcement at the top of the page reads: "Big Project in progress!! I think it can be announced this Fall!" with a probably related: "A new project has begun. This isn't about something minor like what's with the first press limited edition of volume 9 of the manga!"


The 2ch reaction to this is probably not quite what many would expect:


576: "A 2nd season is coming?"

581: Re: 576
"There was already a second season right
Face reality"

592: Re: 576
"There was already a second season!
Looking forward to the third season!"

609: Re: 592
"Strictly speaking this is the 4th season.
How the fans think of this is another matter."


If this were a new season, it would indeed actually be the 4th season and although it mentions it isn't related to the manga, it would be the second OAD/OAV if it were that. Remember, the not-so-usual suspects are also possible: Live action drama, movie, spin-off mangas etc. Expectations anyone?


via Yaraon!

Image ©Coharu Sakuraba, Kodansha

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