Bandai Introduces Urusei Yatsura Cosmetics

Mascara and eyeliner inspired by Rumiko Takahashi's manga character Lum


Bandai's Creer Beaute announced the upcoming release of "Love Darling Cosmetic Series" , featuring products based on Rumiko Takahashi's 1978 – 1987 comedy Urusei Yatsura.  Women in their late teens and twenties "like Lum-chan" will be able to find the products in Japanese drug stores starting July 19th. 


"Love Darling" eye liner will retail for Three colors of "Love Darling" eye liner will retail for / 1,260 yen each, while mascara retails for 1,575 yen.


Tiger striped bikini clad Lum was the co-star of Rumiko Takahashi's comedy Urusei Yatsura.  Her clan of alien oni invaded Earth, but give humanity a chance to defend itself in a game of tag between lightning tossing Lum and lecherous teen Ataru Moroboshi.  Ataru wins by stealing Lum's top, accidentally proposes marriage to her, and becomes her "darling!"



Bandai's Creer Beaute line previously offered products based on Lupin III's Fujiko Mine and Rose of Versailles' Lady Oscar.

Official Product Homepage: Love Darling Cosme

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