THE [email protected] 2 to PS3 in Japan October 27th

Limited edition box contents also detailed

The same day as the currently airing THE [email protected] anime's first volume arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD in Japan, THE [email protected] 2 videogame is coming out for PS3, Famitsu reports. 


They've added a beginner's difficulty level "Normal," but recommend "Hyper" for people who played the first game (or maybe the Xbox 360 version of 2, which has been out since February 24th). Besides that, a pile of downloadable content on 360 has been compiled into the PS3 disk—all the costumes, songs, and accessories from the 1-3 catalog packages. Finally, the theme song to the anime, "READY!!" is also included.



The regular edition will set you back 7980円 (about US $100) but for 19800円 (about US $250), there are quite an array of extras. You not only get the PS3 game itself, but also:


*A disk called Idolmaster Gravure For You! Volume 1 (which apparently allows you to take photographs of the idol girls at the beach—at least two more volumes are planned, with different photo-ops)

*A perfect limited edition Blu-Ray of the first volume of THE [email protected] (anime)

*A box to hold all the eventual Blu-Rays of the anime

*The soundtrack to THE [email protected] 2

*The most recent issue of [what may roughly translate as] Monthly Idol Pix (a magazine for fans of the idols)


For early pre-orders, a gift of film cut from the anime is thrown in for either version. October 27th!



Source: Hachimakikou

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