New song from Nichijou theme composer and Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku

"OH MY GHOST? Even if I become an evil spirit..." video yields few goosebumps, but lots of fun

Earlier this week the spooky music video for Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's new song, "OH MY GHOST? Even if I become an evil spirit..." was released. The group itself (nicknamed "King of Gakugeeeekai") is a ten girl collective out of Stardust Promotions, but the composer is none other than Kenichi Maeyamada (pseudonym: Hyadain), known most recently for his high energy themes to the currently airing anime, Nichijou


In the states, we have Halloween in the autumn for ghosts and ghouls, but in traditional Japanese culture summer is actually the time for a few extra bumps in the night, so this is song is right on schedule: 



The single goes on sale July 27th for 1000円.


If you enjoyed that track, check out their previous music video of "The Tissue: Neverending Youth," also written by Kenichi Maeyamada.



Source: @hyadainmaeyamad


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