Domo-kun Creator, Tsuneo Goda, Receives Inkpot Award

SDCC panel presentation included early sketches of the iconic character

Tsuneo Goda, the creator of beloved NHK mascot, Domo-kun, received Comic-Con's Inkpot Award during his panel in San Diego this afternoon. Good news for stop-motion animation fans everywhere!


During Goda's presentation about the conception of his character, he showed some of the earliest art, including this sketch, said to be the first ever of Domo:



So from the very beginning, Domo was meant to be frolicking in a field of flowers! Really though, Goda was just hours away from a deadline and had no idea what to do. Doodling basic square and circle shapes seemed to work out.



And here is the first color sketch of Domo, shown together with Usajii, the old rabbit who allows Domo to cohabitate and watch TV with him.


You can see a teaser for Goda's newest project, PLUG, The New World, a collaboration between animation studio Dwarf and Nissan (yep, the car company), here. For behind the scenes info, check out Dwarf's site.


Source: Pacific Media Expo

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