Borders Enters Liquidation At All Stores

But those deals may not be deals yet

Continuing where the Borders closing and liquidating story left off, a bankruptcy court judge approved Borders proposal on Thursday to accept the bid by Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers Retail Partners. On Friday, liquidation began at all of the 399 remaining stores according to Reuters, quoting a spokesperson. However, the nation's third largest book seller, Books-A-Million is in negotiations with Borders to acquire approximately 35 stores and keep them open under the Books-A-Million brand. Gift cards are still being honored at Borders stores.


For those who are unfamiliar with the standard liquidation procedure by these companies, everything is marked back up to full retail MSRP and then discounted from there. Although it says 10-40% on the signs, most stuff is only 10-20% off MSRP when the liquidation begins. In other words, paraphrasing some people who talk to reporters, the prices aren't as good as they make them look. For more evidence, see The Consumerist link below from the first liquidations. Also, Borders regularly had 30% off coupons before, meaning one would be paying more now than before.


On the other hand, the typical discount online for manga starts at about 20% off MSRP and goes up from there with coupons, sales or pre-orders from, or Barnes and Noble. Gift cards are available from many places to use online.


Sources: Reuters, The Consumerist, Los Angeles Times

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