Kagrra Vocalist, Isshi, Passes Away at 32

Cause of death not revealed due to family's wishes

Another unfortunate passing has occurred, this time concerning the world of J-Rock. Isshi, vocalist for rock band Kagrra, died in his home on July 18, though it was just announced yesterday. He was only 32.


A private funeral for Isshi has already been held, and the cause of death has not been revealed due to his family's wishes. Kagrra broke up in March of this year, and Isshi appeared at an event—reportedly in good health—just three days prior to his passing. 


Isshi had finished the first CD for his solo project, "shikiproject," which was set for release this September. Events planned for July 28-29 at Act Square in Ebisu, Tokyo have been turned into mourning events. 


Source [Natalie, Sports Hochi via Tokyograph]


Image: Natalie

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