New Black★Rock Shooter Related Figmas from Wonder Festival 2011: BRSB and BRS2035

From huke comes two new designs of Black Rock Shooter

From Wonder Festival 2011 Summer comes two more iterations of Black★Rock Shooter figures.


Coming in November is the BRS2035 figma based on the character design from Black★Rock Shooter: The Game. This figure is slightly different from the previously released Black★Rock Shooter figma.


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For comparison, here is a closeup of BRS2035 on top and the original figma version of Black★Rock Shooter on the bottom. The differences are mostly subtle, but there.

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The second one is called "BRSB" which was revealed to be "Black★Rock Shooter Beast" on huke's pixiv account on Monday. It will be included with the first press limited edition box of huke's first art collection which will be out in Spring of 2012.



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Here is what the full display looked like from earlbox's flickr.


The full original artwork behind the figure can be seen on huke's pixiv.


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Images ©huke/B★RS Project ©Good Smile Company

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