Eden Eternal’s Update Packs a Punch

The YellowJacketGuy joins Crunchyroll News to feature his latest gaming review of Aeria Game's Eden Eternal.  Keep a look out for more of articles coming your way!


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Aeria Games’ big update for its free-to-play MMO includes a new race known as the Zumi - a sort of humanoid mouse race.  The Zumi will play a bit differently than their human counterparts, although the stat differences were not released.  While there are no new added classes being planned, specific class bonuses will also be introduced for the Zumi, and all current classes will be available with the same progression.  This hopes to be the start of creating multiple races for the game, as eventually races seen in an NPC status will eventually become playable.

Along with the Zumi comes their home continent, located in the southwestern part of the world.  Players can now start in the Fergeral Valley, which is a new starting area.  Higher level dungeons will also be implemented, however, none have been seen at this time.

Eden Eternal also incorporates raids into the world, calling them “Heroic Trials”.  It does this in a rather interesting way.  It is allowing for raid dungeons for up to eight players.  However, dungeons can only be raided if the initial story for that dungeon has been completed.  Players also must make their party a raid party for the proper raid mechanics to activate.  So far, only one 8-player-raid dungeon has been implemented, the VileShark HQ, as well as a 5-player dungeon, The Angor Quarry.  These dungeons are only recommended for characters that have hit level 50.

While this type of update is not being offered as a separate expansion pack like other MMOs do, this actually feels like expansion pack material.  The fact that it is a free update will add appeal for existing players, and may actually bring some new players into the fold.  If this is the beginning of fleshing out Eden Eternal’s world, new additions and tweaks will only make the game better.

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