Downloadable Moe Paper Fan

Another way of supporting Japanese local communities using Moe girls

Moe characters have contributed to Japanese local community in many ways. Saga-city in Saga Prefecture and Sakura-city in Chiba Prefecture have collaborated in producing a paper fan featuring the both cities' Moe image characters, Saga-city's Mahoro-chan and Sakura-city's Kamuro-chan. You can download the design and print it for the fan you already have. I am not sure how popular this type of paper fan is outside of Japan, though...


You can download the design from the both cities' official sites.

Saga-city's download page in the official site

Sakura-city's download page in the official site


And the both Moe girls have their official Twitter account. You can find more about the girls and the cities by following them.

Mahoro-chan's Twitter account

Kamuro-chan's Twitter account




Mahoro-chan's profile


Kamuro-chan's profile





© Saga-city

© Sakura-city

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