VIDEO: "Beyond the Game" Documents Gaming Culture

Upcoming documentary explores tournaments, cons and more

AnimatronicAckbar is a group currently working hard on documenting gaming culture with a film titled Beyond the Game. Their documentary aims to explore the gaming world through arcades, tournaments, conventions, music, fans and their relationships with one another. Gaze below to check out the trailer, which will be shown at the EVO 2011 tournament that kicks off tomorrow and runs through July 31.


Beyond the Game: the EVO 2011 Trailer. from AnimatronicAckbar on Vimeo.


It should be interesting to see what comes of the project, as it looks like they're taking care to explore different facets of the culture, from classic gaming to chiptune artists.


Updates on Beyond the Game can be followed via AnimatronicAckbar's Twitter and Facebook.


Via Destructoid

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