Korean City Hunter Adaptation Added to Netflix Streaming

Lee Min Ho as Tsukasa Hojo's Famous Trouble Shooter

The Korean live action drama adaptation of Tsukasa Hojo's Shonen Jump urban action manga City Hunter is now featured on Netflix streaming service.  



The story begins in 1983 when the president of the Republic of Korea goes to Burma to visit Aung San Mausoleum. A sudden explosion takes place right before the president arrives, and it turns out that a few North Korean agents caused the explosion. The attack was aimed at the president. Five renowned political figures in South Korea have a secret meeting and make a plan to retaliate against the North. However, as the president doesn't want to take revenge due to the pressure from the US and other countries, 21 young agents are sacrificed in the process to cover up the secret retaliation mission.Jin Pyo - one and only agent who manages to survive - brings up Yoon Sung, a son of the other agent who died, in South Asia to train him so that he can take revenge for his father and other agents' death. After all grown up, Yoon Sung comes back to Korea and starts working in the Blue House, the presidential residence in Korea. He tries to find the five men who betrayed his father and the other agents 28 years ago, and makes a plan to punish them his own way. Meanwhile, he gets to know this girl Nana, who is a bodyguard at the Blue House and goes through all sorts of financial hardships to afford her father's surgery. They always quarrel with each other, but somehow help each other as well. And there is another man, Young Joo, who seems to have a good feeling for Nana and always tries to help her like Daddy Long Legs. Although he has a father who deeply involves in all sorts of corruptions, he always believes in law and justice as a prosecutor. Although many people in high-ranking positions deceive the public using their power for their own good while the underprivileged people are going through many hardships, these young characters strive to show that there is still a hope and justice in this country."


The City Hunter anime was released in North America by ADV Films, with the TV series under their "ADV Fansubs" label.  The manga was published by Gutsoon's weekly Raijin anthology.


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