McDonalds Japan's Transformers Happy Meal

Optimus Prime/Bumblebee figure with a special DVD of the TF history

McDonalds Japan has started a Happy Meal (Happy Set in Japan) campaign featuring the latest Transformers film "Dark of the Moon" since July 29. There are two different kinds of figures are available now, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee with lights and sounds gimmick. You can also get a special DVD with the set for two days only on July 30 and 31.





Thankfully, I live in Japan now. I went to the nearest McDonalds store and ordered the Transformer Happy Set with the special DVD yesterday. What I chose was the Optimus Prime figure. See some photos.



The main contents of the special DVD are:

 ・The highlight scenes from the three live-action TF films (24 minutes 54 seconds)

 ・TF special diorama story featuring various toys (14 minutes 31 seconds)

 ・The history of TF animation series (6 minutes 45 seconds)




The DVD menu



© McDonalds

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