Moe Temple to Release First DVD at Comic Market

Including their two theme songs

Ryohoji, a Buddhist temple at Hachiouji, Tokyo, has been known as "Moe temple" since May 2009, when they put up a large billboard on its premises featuring Moe characters. They have released two theme song CDs from their own label "Ryohoji Records" at Comic Market last year. By popular demand, they will release the first DVD of the PVs of the songs at this Summer's Comic Market.


The temple, which was built in 1489, came up with the idea of using Moe characters as a tool to interact with the younger generation. In addition to the billboard, they sold Moe prepaid cards as souvenirs, had a maid cafe called "Okaerinasai-mase, Ryohoji e" (Welcome back to Ryohoji), produced theme song CDs and PVs, and even have broadcasted a net-radio program featuring the temple's Moe characters (actually, their voice actresses) since May this year. 


Their first DVD includes a brand new theme song "Namu x Cyun" and the first theme song “Tera Zukkyun! Ai no Ryohoji!" (short ver.). The price of the four songs DVD is 2,100 yen (US$27.18). This summer's Comic Market will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on August 12 to 14.


"Namu x Cyun" PV


“Tera Zukkyun! Ai no Ryohoji!" PV



Source: Hachiouji Keizai Shimbun


© Ryohoji/Ryohoji Records

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