Offline Ragnarok Coming to iOS

Single Player Version of MMORPG for iPhone and iPad

Gravity Interactive has announced the release of their most popular MMORPG Ragnarok as a single-player iPhone/iPad application which can be found on the Apple's App Store on August 5, 2011. The hand-held/touchh screen version of the game, called Ragnarok Violet,  will be available and free to download from the Apple's App Store.


From the announcement

Starting in the capital city Prontera, you will fight against familiar monsters from the game, such as Porings, Spores and Marins! Battle through the lush landscape and collect drops that you see in the original game such as Empty Bottles, Honey and even the different colored Herbs!

Using potions fight your way through and explore dark caverns in search of quest items and tougher monsters to level up! Your pet will prove to be your friend by picking up your loot; don't forget to feed him or he'll run away.

Find or purchase various weapons and armor to better prepare for your battles. Upgrade them and compound Monster cards into them for an even bigger advantage in combat! Eventually you will be strong enough to battle it out with the iconic MVP bosses!

About Ragnarok Violet
Utilizing some of the most unique and fun systems of Ragnarok Online, such as an advanced Pet system, item enchanting card collecting, cute costumes and of course exploring the expansive world of 'Ragnarok Violet', Violet promises to feel familiar yet all new, and all fun! Ragnarok Violet also offers brand new ways of playing Ragnarok Online, such as improved weapon swapping, and the Item creation systems, 'Ragnarok Violet' has evolved this into a even more enjoyable game!

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