Beelzebub Merchandise Now Available For Pre-Order

Brain Police has towels, tote bags, and more through August 14

Fans of Beelzebub surely want nothing more than to see Baby Beel's pants-refusing, pacifer-sucking little self on a pillow or towel. The Brain Police online store has taken this urge under consideration and is now taking pre-orders for a variety of goods featuring all the main Beelzebub characters. 


If you can't decide who your favorite is, the big towel is the item for you, although it'll run you over a hundred dollars: 



If muffler-style is more your thing, they have that size as well:



I feel like this is what Tatsumi should start using to carry Baby Beel around:


I like that these little pillows are chibi on the front...

...and a standard issue portrait on the back!


Check out all the various options at the Brain Police shop site


Via Moeyo

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