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New "Dishonored" Screenshots Are Stealthy, On Fire

Next game from Arkane Studios paints a retro-futuristic 1666 London

The latest from Arkane Studios, developers behind titles like Arx Fatalis and Bioshock 2, is looking pretty impressive. New screens from Quakecon 2011 offer further glimpses into its dark, "retro-futuristic" vision of London in 1666.










In Dishonored the player takes control of Corvo, former bodyguard for the Empress, on a quest for vengeance against Lord Regent, who framed Corvo for the Empress' assassination. The open-world first-person shooter utilizes plenty of stealth—all enemies can be neutralized without killing if you so desire—and, as you may have noticed in the above screens, some unconventional enemy weapons, like giant… stilt… things. With flamethrowers.  


Dishonored is being published by Bethesda Softworks, and is looking at a release window in the 2nd quarter of 2012. 


Via Joystiq

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