New Gainax Merchandise Oddities

Eva 01 Wallet and Buta T-shirt

Gainax has announced that they are working with luxury brands Seiko Credor and Thermic to produce an Evangelion based leather EVA-WAL.01 wallet.


The item, which sells for 16,800 yen, is scheduled to shop in September.



Seiko EVA-W00 (Prototype) and EVA-W01A  (Awakened) watches are scheduled for November at 24,990 yen each.  These expand a line that already includes "EVA-W01" , "EVA-W02" , "EVA-W03" watches.

Jumping to a different mecha show and something that looks more purposefully tacky, in late July, Gainax expanded their Gurren Lagann × galaxxxy t-shirt line with a particularly quirky one based on the pig-mole buta.

The shirt was released in July for 3,675 yen.

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