No Final Fantasy Versus XIII at Tokyo Game Show

Square Enix holding off showing until later date

If you were hoping this year's Tokyo Game Show—which takes place from September 15-18—would shed even more light on Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII, don't hold your breath!


Speaking with Dengeki PlayStation magazine, director Tetsuya Nomura said the game will not be shown or playable at the event. Instead, he's got a showing of the game planned for a later, yet to be announced date. 


Nomura also commemorated Dengeki PlayStation's 500th issue by drawing a cover with six characters: Noctus from FF Versus XIII; Lightning, Serah and Noel from FF XIII-2; and Machina and Rem from FF Type 0.


As for the absence of Versus XIII, that still leaves plenty of Final Fantasy titles/spin-offs to show at TGS 2011. Which FF games are you looking forward to getting a peek at now that Versus XIII is momentarily out of the picture?


Via Andriasang

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