Maken-ki Promotion Video Streamed

Airs in the Fall... probably with rays of light everywhere

Kadokawa is streaming a fanservice filled promotion video for the Fall anime Maken-ki on their official youtube channel. Instead of giving a plot summary or details, here is the description under the video: "Both love and fights at full throttle. Slips and flashes too... at full throttle?!" In other words, things, including clothes, come off or are flashed at the audience. If that wasn't clear, this promotion video is NSFW and should be considered aimed at a mature audience.


Watch it below:


Also, shown in the promotion section at the end of the video, in addition to the TV series, an unaired episode will be included with the limited edition of volume 8 of the manga, which is expected to go on sale in March of 2012.


Maken-ki Official Site

via Yaraon

Image ©武田弘光/富士見書房

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