"Mardock Scramble" English Dub Cast Announced

The Voices of One of the Great New Sci-Fi Anime

Don't sleep on Mardock Scramble when the first movie of the trilogy is released in North American on DVD next month (the Blu-ray is coming next year).  And, to get you hyped for what looks to one the great new works of sci-fi anime, Sentai Filmworks' Janice Williams has announed the dub cast. 



Announced on Fandom Post - note that the puns are from the maybe too clever writer of the original novel, Tow Ubukata, and not dub script writer/ADR Steven Foster


Plot Concept: To stop the unstoppable you need the irresistible. To kill the unkillable, you need someone for whom death no longer has a meaning. And to catch the perfect serial killer, you need the one person who knows his methods the best… his last victim! Murdered and reborn, no longer human, the female cyborg named Balot exists for only one reason – to track down the man who killed her and bring him to justice. But can even the ultimate hybrid between ghost and machine take down a monster who wipes his own memory… especially when HIS partner already has HER in his sights? The future will be painted blood red as vengeance hit the streets in MARDOCK SCRAMBLE!


  • Rune Balot – Voiced by Hilary Haag- Balot is a troubled, young woman making her living as a prostitute. She is “rescued” by Shell Septinos, but it very quickly becomes apparent that he has ulterior, and very sinister motives. Badly burnt and on the very brink of death, Balot is given a synthetic body and a new chance at life through the newly enacted Mardock Scramble 09 law.
  • Oeufcoque – Voiced by Andy McAvin – A mouse that has been rebuilt and given human intelligence. Originally developed for use in the space program, Oeufcoque now works as a Mardock Scramble 09 case officer, helping victims of violent crime find and convict their attackers. Due to his altered body, he can take on an almost limitless variety of shapes.
  • Dr. Easter – Voiced by David Matranga – Oeufcoque’s human partner. While working for the military space program, Easter developed the technology responsible for Oeufcoque’s existence as well as Rune Balot’s body.
  • Shell Septinos – Voiced by Kalob Martinez – A successful casino owner and gambler, Shell has “adopted” a number of runaways, prostitutes and other unwanted women. Strangely, the women never seem to be around very long afterwards.
  • Dimsdale Boiled Voiced by David Wald – Shell’s hired muscle. He is also a Mardock Scramble 09 case worker. He used to be Oeufcoque’s user and partner.
  • The Bandersnatch Company Employees – The Bandersnatch Company is publicly a meat processing facility. Only the meat they specialize in is human flesh. In addition to making your enemies disappear permanently, each assassin has a fetish for a body part and often has particularly fine examples from their victims surgically transplanted onto their own body.
  • Medium the Fingernail – Voiced by Chris Ayres – Medium’s special love is fingers. Due to the transplants, the fingers of his own hands are mismatched and grotesque. As you might expect, a rather deranged personality.
  • Mincemeat the Wink – Voiced by Andrew Love – Mincemeat is especially fond of eyes. He has had his favorites embedded all over his body. A well-muscled, bruiser sort of fellow.
  • Rare the Hair Voiced by Luci Christian – A lover of fine hair and skin. Rare’s own skin is wrinkled and dry, but her hair is lustrous and nearly as long as she is tall. Though she’s not all that tall.
  • Flesh the Pike – Voiced by Rob Mungle – Resembling a large mound of flesh, Flesh’s first love is breasts. She (or he – it’s really hard to say) has had numerous breasts implanted along both sides of her body. The technical/computer expert of the company.
  • Welldone the Pussyhand Voiced by Chris Ayres – The head of the Bandersnatch Company. Welldone is looking for the perfect implant for his right hand.
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