Comiket 80 Trailer for Working'!! Streamed

Second season of Working!! airs in the Fall

The official website for the Fall TV anime series Working'!! is now streaming the trailer that was being shown at Comiket 80 over the weekend in Japan. Working'!! is the second season of the series Working!!, which was released by NIS America under the title Wagaria!! in North America and the limited edition quickly sold out at wholesale. Visit the special section of the official site to see the season 2 trailer from Comiket, which features the new opening song "Coolish Walk." (If for some reason that direct link doesn't work, click on コミケ80用PV on the side.)


For those of you who missed the first season, here is the NIS America trailer:


via Ota-suke

Image ©Karino Takatsu/Square Enix 「WORKING!!2」 Production Committee

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