FUNimation Allows Licenses of Some Geneon Titles to Expire

Some surprises, some expected

A member of the FUNimation acquisitions team who goes by "Sophie" on the Funimation Community Forums has posted a list of rescued Geneon titles for which Funimation has allowed the licenses to expire.


As was previously mentioned with regards to the Geneon distribution agreement, "We renewed the titles that were part of that deal that did sell well. We let expire the ones that didn't. That inludes my beloved The Familar of Zero." Named as being part of the list of titles which are now expired are: Paradise Kiss, Kamichu, Kyo Kara Maoh, The Story of Saiunkoku (aka Saiunkoku Monogatari), The Law of Ueki (aka Ueki no Housoku), and When They Cry (aka Higurashi no Naku Koro ni).


With regards to the above titles, she writes:

"[UPDATE] Our license has expired on the below list of rescued Geneon shows, and the product sell-off period has ended. As far as I know there are no plans to re-acquire these titles. The show pages and all content are no longer available for the below list of shows on this site."


Of course, this means these series are out of print and some are likely only available through the more boutique retailers or third parties as they have not been distributed through FUNimation recently. For most of these titles, this is not surprising for various reasons, whether it be the title's genre or the series had been said to be performing poorly. Previously, she had also mentioned that When They Cry had expired and FUNimation would not be renewing it nor licensing any of the sequels in the series.


FUNimation had originally picked up all these titles in their distribution agreement made with Geneon USA, announced at Anime-Expo 2008 after Geneon ceased to distribute titles in North America. 


Source: FUNimation Community Forums via Fandom Post Forums

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