"Infinite Stratos" Encore OVA Promo Streamed

Next tale in the anime saga hits Japan in November

The anime adaptation of Izuru Yumizuru's light novel series, Infinite Stratos, has an OVA set for Blu-ray and DVD release in Japan on November 25. A 61-second promo for the video debuted on Saturday, and you can check it out at the official IS website.


Infinite Stratos Encore was first announced back in June. The TV anime version ran from January to April, and told the tale of IS Academy: a school that trains pilots of Infinite Stratos, a weapon system which can only be used by females. However, one of the candidates that enters the program is Ichika Orimura, a boy.


The story of the Encore OVA itself comes from the later half of the fourth light novel volume. 


Source [Temple Knights via ANN]


© Izuru Yumizuru, Media Factory/Project IS

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