Rumor: Nintendo 3DS Redesign on the Way

3D would be downplayed, second analog added

Folks, welcome to SUPER RUMOR territory! The latest Nintendo buzz making the rounds concerns a 3DS redesign, which would downplay the 3D aspect and add a second analog stick.


It's no secret that Nintendo hasn't been pleased with the performance of its 3D-centric handheld, though sales have definitely picked up post-price drop, already at 215,000 for the week of August 8-14 in Japan. Still, there's much work to be done to meet expectations.


That's where French gaming site comes in. The rumor reported there—translated via Techcrunch—has Nintendo looking to downplay the 3DS's key component: 3D visuals. According to a representative they claim is a trusted source within Nintendo, the company has legit concerns over impressions some consumers have, especially pertaining to the device potentially being harmful to children under 6. As a result, Nintendo may be looking to decrease emphasis on the 3D in a future revision, or even abandon it completely.


In addition, Nintendo is allegedly looking into releasing a $10 right analog stick add-on, which would somehow mount onto the 3DS (likely over the face buttons). This would all be written off pretty quickly were it not for some of 01Net's previous rumors—such as those concerning Wii U details—proving correct. Still, their track record is not flawless


So take it all with a golf ball-sized rock of salt, and just enjoy chewing on these rumor morsels until more concrete, and trustworthy, details are divulged. 


Via MTV Multiplayer, 1up

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