Atlus Japan Opens New Teaser Website

Begin speculating and wishing

Atlus Japan has announced on their twitter account that they have opened a new teaser site. While being bare bones enough to say absolutely nothing, there's enough there to make people begin speculating. The lone image on a bare yellow page...

Tilted text and a yellow background... where else have we seen that before?

ペルソナ4      ペルソナ4アニメーション


Ah, right, but not quite the same. Internet speculation seems to be leaning towards this being Persona 4 Portable for PSVita as part of Famitsu's 4 weeks of new vita game announcements. Any other guesses or wishes? Pack in with the Fall anime similar to The [email protected] for PS3 coming?



via Neogaf, Yaraon!

Image ©Atlus

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