Third Round of K-on! Movie Advance Sale Tickets with Bonus Announced

And just when you think it's done printing money...

The official website for the K-on! movie, which opens December 3rd, has announced that the third round of advance sale tickets with a bonus item will go on sale on September 3rd. For the third round, the bonus item will be 5 key holders which spell out Keionbu (Light music club).



Again, there are 5 key holders in total [Ke,i,o,n,bu] and each one is the key color of each main characters of the band. You receive one key holder, chosen at random, with each 1300 yen ticket bought and a limit of 10 tickets can be bought at once. The ticket for this new round as a brand new design as well:


Third Round:


Second Round:


First Round:


This is the final round of advance sale tickets with bonus items that will be sold at the theaters. Like the previous two, it is guaranteed to sell out. The second round of tickets came with K-on! eye masks while the first round of 40000 tickets each came with a clear file and sold out in nearly a day.


But fans aren't getting off the hook that easily...


Announced yesterday is that convenience store chain Lawson, the TBS TV store, the Kyoto Animation Store, anime chain store Animate, and anime goods chain COSPA will all be selling their own advance sale movie tickets, each with store specific bonus goods.


COSPA will be taking reservations for tickets that include a carabiner and tickets that include a t-shirt compressed to look like a CD jacket starting September 15th.


Animate will be including one of five different rubber mascot straps in early October for 1800yen, a special limited pack of the card game "Precious Memories" in November for 1800 yen, and a voiced mascot Yui (Animate stores) and Azusa (Gamers stores) in December for 2025 yen.


The Kyoto Animation Store will be taking reservations for a unique ticket and a panorama poster with the same design for 3000 yen starting September 15th.



The TBS store will be taking reservations for a tickets that include a mask for 5000 yen starting September 15th.


And lastly, Lawson will be taking reservations starting on September 15th for two sets of tickets. The first ticket includes a Yui cling doll for 1825 yen.

The second, for 6550 yen, comes with a toaster that toasts in a Yui pattern.



Assuming you had amazing luck, to get all of bonuses that come with the advance sale tickets would run you at least 59825 yen (approximately $775 USD), not including the two cospa bonus costs, and give you 34 tickets to the movie when it opens in December.


Source: K-on! Movie Tickets via Moe Ota News Sokuhou

Images ©kakifly, Houbunsha / Sakura High Band ©TBS

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