Update: FUNimation's Chaos;Head DVD/BD Release Listed Again for November

Also in November: Fairy Tail, Hetalia the Movie

About two weeks ago, through Rightstuf.com, we got a look at what FUNimation planned to release in November of this year on DVD and BD. Originally included in that grouping was a listing for a Chaos;Head DVD/BD combo pack for November 29th. However, shortly after being listed, all mention of the release was scrubbed from Rightstuf's site without any word. Now, it's back. 


At some point earlier today, Rightstuf.com re-added the release to the site and added the following news article:

 FUNimation announced the complete series DVD/Blu-ray combo set for Chaos;Head will now be included in the November release slate and will hit retailers on November 29, 2011.


So, whether someone added it to a schedule that wasn't finalized or some other reason, it will indeed be part of the November solicitations with Fairy Tail and Hetalia the Movie.


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