Early Look at Character Design for Berserk Movie

A Good Look at Guts, Griffith and Casca

Character Design/Chief Animation Director Naoyuki Onda's new designs for the the principal characters of the Studio 4°C adaptation of Kentaro Miura's medieval horror action manga Berserk are previewed in a series of new illustrations. 


Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler, scheduled to hit Japanese theaters in January 2012, will be the first of a three part adaptation of 10-volume "Golden Age" manga arc that tracks raging swordsman Guts from his discovery as newborn under the hanged body of his mother, through his time with the mercenary band known as the Hawks.


via Comic Natalie

Raging swordman Guts, voiced by Hiroaki Iwanaga (Tomica Hero Rescue Force, Moyashimon, Kamen Rider OOO)


Ambitious mercenary general Griffith, voiced by Takahiro Sakurai ( Code Geass' Suzaku Kururugi)


The Hawk's young woman captain Casca, voiced by Toa Yukinari (Naruto Shippūden)


Also, via Berserk movie spokes-character Clara de Porras

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