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Batten down the hatches, etc., etc. Hurricane Irene is on its way, so I hope those in its path on the east coast are prepared! My fridge is fully stocked, and if there's no power outage I plan on riding this beast out while snackin' on Toblerones and marathoning Fist of the North Star


However, the only "natural disaster" that'll be occurring here at Crunchyroll News is that of HOT stories. Expect "gale force winds" of EXCITEMENT. So hunker down and pop that 2-liter of Tahitian Treat you've been saving as we regale you with the big news, videos and features of the past week.


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Toy Story Short Ahead of Muppets Movie, Tip of the Iceberg for Big Pix News

"New Prince of Tennis" TV Anime Green-Lit

Battle with 16-Character Parties in "Heroes Phantasia"

Rumor: "Duke Begins" to Reboot Duke Nukem Franchise

New Cast Additions to English Dubs of "Black Butler" and "Hetalia" Announced

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade to Debut at J-Pop Summit

Limited ONE PIECE CarNavi Sold Out

3DCG .hack//TheMovie Announced to Premiere in Jan 2012

Movie Journalist: Warner Bros. Japan to Distribute 2nd Gintama Movie

"Sonic CD" Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Rumor: Nintendo 3DS Redesign on the Way

Square Enix Releases More Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

Level-5/Studio Ghibli Collaboration Hits PlayStation 3 This Fall

Australia Bans House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut

Christian Bale a Possibility for "Oldboy" Villain

NIS America Licenses "Black Rock Shooter: The Game" for North America and Europe

Man Arrested for Uploading "Toaru Majutsu no Index II"

"Ouran High School Host Club" Adapted into Live-Action Film

Official Synopsis for Pixar's "Brave" Revealed

Evangelion 3.0 to Premiere Fall 2012 in Theaters





"ONE PIECE Collection" Exhibition Photo Report

Tony Oliver Video Interview on A3K TV



"Gears of War 3" Opening Cinematic

Kamen Rider Fourze Trailer

Otaku-Verse Zero Interviews Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

"Daicon IV Opening Animation" Hatsune Miku ver.

Blink and You'll Miss the New "Gundam AGE" PV

Garo Spin-Off "Kiba: Dark Knight Gaiden" Trailer

Stunning Live-Action Short, "Portal: No Escape"

Deleted Clip from X-Men: First Class

"Aliens: Colonial Marines" Action Trailer

Four "Walking Dead" Clips

"Final Fantasy Type-0" Gameplay

PAX 2011 "Final Fantasy XIII-2" Trailer



Saint Young Men Manga Put on Hold Due to Pregnancy [ANN]

Capcom to Launch CapBom! Magazine on September 20 [ANN]

New Magic Kaito Anime to Air as Detective Conan Special [ANN]

First two Skyrim DLC packs heading to Xbox 360 first [Joystiq]

Check Out the Retro Game Master Guy's Commentary Track on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World [1up]

These Spelunky Minis are simply delightful [Destructoid]


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