Samus Aran Figma to be Released in Spring 2012 (Updated)

Also a Zero Suit Samus Figure in Spring 2012

From the ongoing CharaHobby this weekend in Japan comes news that Max Factory will be releasing a Samus Aran figma from Metroid Other M in Spring 2012. Unfortunately, there are no images of the actual figma yet, just teaser shots.


(Image via twitpic)


In fact, there are two Metroid: Other M based figures as the top image shows Samus in her armor while the lower image appears to show the lower part of Zero Suit Samus. This second figure is 1/8th scale, does not mention being a figma, is dated for the Spring of 2012, and will also be released by Max Factory.



via Hachima Kikou

Image ©Nintendo Codeveloped by TECMO/Team Ninja

Correction: This article previously combined info from the two pictures as being for the same figure. All information points to there being two figures. Thanks Valkyrie_Convoy for pointing this out.

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