VIDEO: 2nd "Fate/Zero" Anime PV Posted

Series based on prequel novel to premiere in October

Over at the official site for the TV anime Fate/Zero, the latest streaming promo for the series has been posted. It can also be viewed in an embed below.


The Fate/Zero TV anime is based on Gen Urobuchi's (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Blassreiter) novel, which acts as a prequel to Type-Moon's Fate/Stay night visual novel software. It sets the stage for the war in the series, taking place a decade prior. 



Produced by the studio ufotable (Coyote Ragtime Show, Tales of Symphonia: The Animation) and directed by Ei Aoki, Fate-Zero premieres on TV in Japan this October. 


Via Yaraon!

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