"Child of Eden" to Be Bundled with Kinect

Game from Rez creator gets new chance at being appreciated

Tetsuya Mizuguchi's spiritual successor to the spaced-out 2001 shooter Rez may not have sold very well, but those looking to buy a Kinect—Xbox 360's full-body motion control interface—in the future will get a chance to check it out for free. 


According to Xbox Live's Major Nelson, a new Kinect bundle will be surfacing worldwide, except for Japan, in "limited quantities" beginning next week. Children of Eden is pictured on the box, though it won't be packaged with a hard copy of the game.  


Instead, the bundle will feature physical copies of Kinect Adventures, along with a download code for Child of Eden. The price of the Kinect package still comes in at $150.


child of eden


Children of Eden will also be available for PlayStation 3 in September with both PlayStation Move and 3D support.


Via 1up

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