VIDEO: "Mari0" Mixes Super Mario Bros. and Portal

Two-man team working on an unexpected mash-up

We've all seen videos like "Mega Man with a Portal Gun" and wondered how it would feel to play such an odd amalgamation. Well, two-man dev team Stab Yourself is working on just such a game. Think Super Mario Bros. with portals thrown in for good measure, and, well, just see for yourself below...



Mari0 is currently being developed for OSX, Windows and Linux. In addition to the original Super Mario Bros. stages, Mari0 will also support all of the Lost Levels, plus downloadable map packs, a level editor and simultaneous portal-hoppin' multiplayer (pictured below).


mari0 multi


This game is, of course, very unofficial. Hopefully Nintendo will "be cool" when it comes out, but we'll see!


Via Joystiq

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