Animate Starts Hatsune Miku 4th Anniversary Fair Today

The largest anime store chain in Japan celebrates Miku's birthday

As everyone knows, today, August 31, is the 4th anniversary of Hatsune Miku. In order to celebrate her birthday, Animate, the largest anime/manga/game chain store in Japan, has started "Hatsune Miku 4th Anniversary Fair" today.


Miku is featured on the cover of the Animate's free magazine "Charaby" August 20 issue.


You can get one of five Miku postcards by 1,000 yen purchase of Vocaloid goods.


Illustration by  24                                               by nigo


by Puchidevil                                                      by Ryusei

by Robosuke


Vocaloid goods



[KarenT Special] Hatsune Miku 4th Anniversary


My nearest Animate store (taking pictures is not allowed inside)


© Animate

© Crypton Future Media

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