Namco Bandai Streams "[email protected] Gravure For You Vol 2" Game Footage

A photo shoot at school with school uniforms and school swimsuits

Namco Bandai Games is now streaming game footage from The [email protected] Gravure for You (G4U) Vol 2 on their official Youtube channel. Volume 2 is a special on "schoolgirls" and was previously announced to be released on November 23rd in the "Anime and G4U! Pack Vol. 2" which includes G4U! Vol. 2 and the limited edition Blu-ray release of volume 2 of the anime.


Watch it below:


Starting with volume 2, all volumes of Gravure For You will be released monthly with the limited edition Blu-ray volume of the anime in "Anime and G4U!" packs. Namco Bandai has also previously streamed game footage from volume 1 which takes place on the beach and will be included in the [email protected] 2 PS3 Limited Edition "Imas @ Special BOX."



See more screenshots in the links below.


Official Gravure For You Site

via Hachima Kikou, Dengeki Online

Image ©窪岡俊之 ©NBGI

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