VIDEO: Newest Anime Song PV & TV CM Collection

Sphere, R-15♡, azusa, and more!

Here's a newest promotion video and TV CM collection of anime song/singer/voice actresses, which have been posted in the net officially. If you like them, please purchase their CD and DVD/Blu-ray.


"sphere ON LOVE,ON Nihon Budokan" Blu-ray & DVD TV CM



"Maji Yaba Mousou LOVE♥" & "HIRAMEKI! Peace (≧▽≦)v" PV

R-15♡ ("R-15" TV anime OP & ED)



"azusa 1st album" PV

(including songs from "Amagami SS", "MoshiDora", and "Astarotte's Toy")


"Simply Lovely" PV

  Akiko Hasegawa

  (She is most famous for her role as Miki Hoshii in the Idol Master seires.

  Her 1st album "Simply Lovely will be released on September 21)


"Lily from Anim.o.v.e" PV

from "anim.o.v.e 03" which will be relesed on September 7


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