MikuMikuDanceCup VII Winners Announced

The most anticipated Vocaloid events of the year

The results and winners of the most anticipated Vocaloid events of the year, the 7th MMD (MikuMikuDance) Cup have been just announced. The title of this summer’s event was “MMD Cup VII: Beyond the Future”. There were 458 entries for the final. Scoring for the competition was conducted by My list voting on Nico Nico Douga till 9 pm, August 29th (JST).


 The 1st winner:

"Sweet Magic wo Mahoutsukai ga Odottekuremashita"  by SekkenP

 (A witch kindly danced "Sweet Magic" for us)

 My list points: 53,068 (+100)




The 2nd winner: "Heart Beats"  by WASABI

 My list points: 22,358



The 3rd winner: "Super Time Sale"  by NegiyakiP

 My list points: 19,591



The 4th: "Rhythm Tengoku MMD"  by TakakonP

 My list points: 19,126



The 5th: "Runaway" by Kararaist

 My list points: 16,018

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