Bioware Previews Bishoujo "Mass Effect" Figure

What's your take on Kotobukiya's prototype vision of Liara?

Ladies and gentlemen, the image to your right is that of Mass Effect's asari researcher Dr. Liara T'Soni. A familiar face to fans of Bioware's action/RPG franchise, but Kotobukiya's bishoujo prototype of Liara might trigger a different reaction.


Bioware offered the following preview of the figure—part of Kotobukiya's ever expanding bishoujo line—on its Mass Effect Facebook page… and reactions were certainly mixed. Let's just say a lot of people aren't feelin' the resemblance here to be quite so uncanny. See what you think.


liara 1

liara 2


The preview states that comments will be used to help shape the final product, so next time we see bishoujo Liara it might be under different circumstances. What would you change, or does it look like it's coming along just fine?


Via Tomopop

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