VIDEO: "Dragon Quest X" Footage Galore!

Trailer and gameplay footage surface from Square Enix's presentation

Information about the next Dragon Quest title, which takes the series online in a grand departure from the norm, has been flooding in ever since the game was announced. Hit the jump to check out the trailer and gameplay videos Square Enix presented.



The following two-part gameplay demo comes from Square Enix's presentation. It's all in Japanese, but it's a good opportunity to see the game in action.




One recent bit of information that's surfaced may concern some potential DQX players. Andriasang reports that, while 100% of the game can be played solo, "it is not possible to play without an internet connection." Only the first few hours after the game's start are playable offline. We'll have to wait on further clarification, as all the info on that so far comes from Dragon Quest X's support page.

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