Dragon Quest "Slime" Meat Buns Coming Soon to Family Mart

A new snack in collaboration with Square Enix

Amidst all the big Dragon Quest X news, there is a Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary story that may have gotten lost in the shuffle...until now. Behold, the Slime nikuman (meat buns) coming soon from Square Enix and Family Mart:



Yes, grinning as they steam on their rack, staring out at you unblinking as you listening to the rumbling of your stomach. Family Mart's website notes that no synthetic dyes were used in the blue-ing of their exterior wrapping. What's inside? A mixture of sweet soy and oyster sauce pork, bamboo shoots, and onions. Could you bear to take a bite out of that smile? Will your tongue turn blue? These questions and more can be answered starting in late November when you'll be able to pick up one of these little monsters at Family Marts throughout Japan for 170 yen (about $2.21). 


Source: @v_jump via Hachima Kikou

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