More "Dragon Quest X" Info: Usage Fees Confirmed

RPG requires an additional fee to play online

One big question on everyone's mind when Dragon Quest X was announced to be an online RPG was no doubt, "how much does it cost?" According to the game's FAQ, an additional fee will indeed be required to connect to online play.


As of right now it's not clear just how much this fee will be, or whether or not it will carry over when the game is eventually released in North America. With that in mind, how much is too much for online play? Is there a certain "sweet spot" you'd be willing to pay to play Dragon Quest X online?


Now for a more humorous bit of information. Parody site Kyoko Shimbun (literally "fictitious newspaper") reports that Square Enix is working on a Famicom/NES version of DQX, as well, in an effort to cater to nostalgic gamers weened on the franchise. They provided the following mockup screen:


dq nes


Via Joystiq

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