Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Website Opens (Updated)

Some new screenshots and details revealed

The official website for the Atlus x Arc System Works's Blazblue team developed 2D fighting game Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (P4U) has opened.


Found on the introduction page is the game's main staff from Atlus: Producer - Katsura Hashino, Director - Kazuhisa Wada, Character Designer - Shigenori Soejima, Sound Composer - Shoji Meguro; and from Arc System Works: Producer - Toshimichi Mori, Director - Takumi Iguchiya.


Also, although no new characters are revealed, some new screenshots from the game can be found on the character pages. Additionally, playing in the background of the site is one of the BGM tracks from the game.


P4U will be in arcades in Japan in Spring 2012 and on PS3 and XBox360 in the Summer of 2012.


Update: 4Gamer has even more screenshots from the game.


Official P4U Website

via Temple Knights

Image ©Index Corporation, Produced by Atlus

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