VIDEO: DeoFairy: NOL to Release 1st Single on Nov. 2

Moe air freshener designed by KEI (Hatsune Miku)

DeoFairy: NOL is an air freshener developed by KALMORE, a Japanese deodorant company based on Chuo-ku, Tokyo, in May 2011. The product features a female moe character designed by KEI (Hatsune Miku designer). As singer, NOL will release her first single "DeoFairy: NOL - NOL te Yonde (Call me NOL)" in Japan (download only) on November 2.



The name of the actual singer who sings the song has not been announced. The download price of the full song is

420 yen (US$5.42) for truetone, and 200 yen (US$2.58) for iTunes & PC.


[DeoFairy: NOL official site]


DeoFairy: NOL official promotion video

DanceMixer 2nd stage ver.



The price of the 50ml standard edition air freshener is 945 yen (US$12.20), and the limited edition with a CD

is 1,260 yen (US$16.26).






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