"Crayon Shin-chan" 3DS Game Revealed via PS Vita Site

Namco Bandai bringing Shin's butt to Nintendo's portable

Who wouldn't want to see that rascal Shin's butt in the third-dimension? Don't answer that. Instead, marvel at the odd way some people found out about Namco Bandai's 3DS-bound Crayon Shin-chan game: via a PlayStation Vita community site.


As you'll see in the screencap below, the news feed on Sony's PS Vita community site lists a Dengeki Online article about a Crayon Shin-chan game headed for Nintendo 3DS. Not exactly where one would expect to find their Nintendo news, but we'll take it.


ps vita chan


As for the game itself—Crayon Shin-chan Space DE Acho!? Obakarate Your Friendship! (クレヨンしんちゃん宇宙DEアチョー!? 友情のおバカラテ!!), a title as pun and SFX loaded as one would expect—Namco Bandai originally announced it in August, and it was further detailed in a subsequent issue of Weekly Famitsu.


However, there's now an official site up for it, so head on over there for a very colorful presentation, including a frame-by-frame look at some of the game's… kancho action. Some screens from the site.





The game is due out in Japan on December 1.


Via Andriasang


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