"Dragon Quest X" Has Been In Development for 6 Years

MMO aspect definitely not a late addition to the game

Anyone concerned about the quality, or even the online structure of Dragon Quest X might feel a little bit better when they hear tale of the game's development cycle. Takehko Hoashi, who worked on Final Fantasy XI and XIV, revealed via a tweet that the title has been in the works for 6 years. 


Hoashi left Square Enix in 2010, but has plenty of experience in their MMO department. Of course, it's those very MMOs that have helped shine some doubts on how well DQX will fare, but it's at least nice to know that its online aspect isn't a wave-riding afterthought.


That means that Dragon Quest X was in development right alongside Level-5's work on Nintendo DS' Dragon Quest IX. While fans are understandably skeptical about this change of pace for the typically consistent franchise—like the game equivalent of a haircut you could set your watch to—it should be interesting to see how this venture pans out when it's released. 


Via Joystiq

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