Tokyopop Clarifies Possibilities for "Limited" Hetalia Release

Stu Levy Outlines Tentative Release

In a follow-up to Friday's Facebook post to gauge fan interest in a release of a third volume of historical politics comedy Hetalia, Tokyopop founder and CEO Stu Levy has posted a clarification about the potential release and its implications for releases from the company that shut down manga publication in May.


via @WilliamFlanagan



Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm to the Hetalia #3 question. It looks like almost 1000 "likes" and over 75% of the comments being "yes" - a very positive reaction! I will clarify a bit more of the Hetalia approach since there are a few questions out there. First, "limited" does not mean limited copies - all fans will be able to access the title. "Limited" here means channel (i.e. retail). Second, Hetalia #4 would be published as well. Third, other titles are different rights owners -...
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